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Core Textbook Issue

Core Textbook Issue helps advance the academic mission of the US Naval Academy by making sure midshipmen are issued their core course materials in advance of the start of classes so they can be prepared for the semester with the materials they need from day one.

Core books are distributed at the beginning of every Fall and Spring semester from the DUIC (Dress Uniform Issue Center-Room 5B13) on the basement level of Bancroft Hall.


Non-Core Textbook Issue

To provide further academic support for the midshipmen of the USNA, Textbook Issue is open year round for the sales of non-core textbooks and course related supplies in the Textbook Issue store located on the basement level in the 5th Wing of Bancroft Hall (Room 5B02).

Textbook Issue provides midshipmen the flexibility and ease of being able to charge their textbooks and course related supplies to their Midshipmen Account, Yard Card account or pay by standard payment methods. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is dedicated to making sure that midshipmen have the right textbooks at the right time so that they are prepared to achieve their mission of academic excellence in the classroom.